The Journey We Know & Love

Have you ever wondered why so many of our favorite heroes seem to have the same qualities? Perhaps you’re noticing a pattern within your favorite works of fiction? Joseph Campbell certainly did, and in this week’s post we’ll talk about what exactly these stories have in common and how so many of them became timeless.

From Couch Potato To Hero

Have you ever wondered what you have in common with your favorite protagonist? Maybe you want to know how to be the hero in your own life? No one wants to be a couch potato, but what do you do if your not watching someone else be a hero? Find out in this week’s post.

Plot or Not?

Why is it that every time you sit down and decide you want to write a good story you simply panic thinking it may not turn out right if you don’t plan everything beforehand? Check out this week’s post on ‘Pure Composition’ to find out what makes a seemingly impossible task a bit easier and gain a bit of insight on what makes Stephen King’s works of fiction so good.

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