Words Stronger Than Wars, Part 1

This is based off of a short story I had submitted in high school to a fiction short story and poetry contest. Given the limitation of only a thousand words, I didn’t feel as if I could deliver the story in a way that it really deserved. That being said, this will be a three-part story in which two kingdoms at war are awaiting spring for battle, and the ways that two men find solace in confrontation.

The First Pillar of a Story: Narrative

When it comes to the rudimentary knowledge of writing, are you prepared for your next story? Sometimes we may overlook the finer details that make up our stories, but it’s those important aspects of the story that keep it so interesting for your reader. This week we’ll talk about one of the most important parts of your writing: The Story Itself.

10 Commonly Misused Words & Phrases

Wanting to sound more professional with your writing? Feel like there are a few things you may have looked over even though you’ve proofread your work half a dozen times? In this week’s post we’ll look at some of the commonly misused words and phrases that may not have consider when revising your work.

“Buy the Ticket, Take the Trip”

Sometimes you have bad luck, and sometimes you have good luck; other times you have the luck that wins a free trip to Las Vegas. That’s no typo either. This week I get to share with you an amazing adventure that I was able to embark on under the most unusual of circumstances.

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