Daily Prompt #32: Turning Profit

Trying to contain his excitement and talk through a smile at the same time was only contorting his face into a manic nightmare for a moment. He composed himself and said, "Last month I finally saved enough money. I got it!"

Whose Line is It?

In this week’s article on writing we’ll discuss a bit about how to deliver certain emotions through your character(s) without using over-the-top tags or too many adverbs.

Undecided Title: Chapter 3: The Other Artificial Intelligence

After finding out there's more inside the pod than Sam could have imagined, he begins to question what's happened in the past. Although Dr. Isaac is still being cryptic and not telling him much at all, he meets someone who might be able to. Be sure to read while you can, only two chapter will remain up at a time to keep the my fingers typing onward. Find out what happens to the boy in the pod this week on Quarterstories.

Daily Prompt #29: Lazy Day Pt. II

Previously On Quarterstories . . . A rumbling sound began to shake the building. Tiles from the ceiling began falling. Tables toppled, glass began cracking, and the games in the back began to falter their sounds slowing. A ringing from the jukebox pierced the air when I saw his grandfather run and hop over the... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt #28: Lazy Day

"Of course," I said stepping forward, "Nothing at all foreboding about a creepy little box you found in the attic of your grandfather's old house. Hey, while we're at it, wanna hold some lit firecrackers in our hands? Might be fun," I said sarcastically.

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