Daily Prompt #6: Dangerous Destinations

“So, you still want to travel, right?”

I looked up from my book to see my friend biting off the end of a twizzler that the stuartess had given him before take-off. “Yeah, of course,” I answered.

“That’s all fine and dandy, but where’s a place you’d want to avoid?”

“Hmmm, anywhere at all?”

“Sure, if you’re goin’ all in, you might as well throw in the car keys, too,” he said.

The captain gave the in-flight announcements as the stewardess started the live safety demonstration.

“I hear Bermuda is a bad place, all kinds of weird happenings and disappearances. I think that’s where Kong and Godzilla live, too. I don’t know; I guess weighing the pros and cons, I would still go to Bermuda. I read an article about these beautiful crystal caves they have there,” I said. “Wouldn’t mind seeing something like that.”

The plane was flying over the sea as my friend finished his fish dinner. “Fair enough, fair enough, but what about certain cities or countries?”

“I think it’s fair saying that any war-torn country would more than likely be an instant check-off,” I said as the plane vibrated.

“Of course that’s fair to say, but– excuse me ma’am, would you mind not shrieking in my ear,” he asked. She was panicking for the fact that the plane seemed to be falling. “Like I said, that’s fair, but I know you’ve got a good reason to visit them all the same.”

“Of course,” I said as my legs dangled from the seat where the plane had split in two after landing on a beach. “I hear Syria has wonderful finger foods, you could vacation in Iraq easily with the exchange rate, and Mexico has the Aztec pyramids. Some places are just worth the risk. I say live a little.”

“Yeah,” he said, “just remind me to grab some lemon pepper if I ever go with; this fish could use some sprucing.” He sat by the fire on the beach, biting off of a skewer. “Alright, now, you still haven’t given a place you’d really avoid. So how bout’ it?”

“I would avoid home at all costs,” I said. “Think about this for a moment, you spent your entire life trying to get out of a certain place only to go back? Why waste the time when you already know what’s there?”

“Very true, but what about your family,” he asked.

“If they’d like to come and visit they can, but I’m leaving home for a reason. It’s not a matter of being rude; it’s simply leaving and not giving yourself the option to go back. When you explore life, you do it to the fullest, Balls-to-the-wall, all-or-nothing, do-or-die.”

“Well,” he said, “all I know is that wherever I go, I’d rather not be going to a place that serves lots of fish.” He held a third skewer with another piece of fish on it.

“C’mon man, fish is good for the brain.”

“That’s counter-productive when I’m losing my mind just looking at it,” He moaned.



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