Daily Prompt #24: Peace of Mind

A friend and I were watching television other day

“Don’t miss out on this amazing deal for a limited time only. Even if you’re not at risk, why take the risk,” the TV bellowed. “Get affordable security today.”

 I changed the channel.

“These commercials are the worst. They try and sell you peace of mind but all they have is something you may need once in your life,” I said.

“Yeah,” my friend said. “You just can’t get good peace of mind these days, either. The whole world’s gone mad,” he said, waving his arms around and crossing his eyes.

I took a sip of my coffee. “What gives you piece of mind,” I asked.

He pondered for a moment.

“Guns,” he said.

“That was easy, but why guns,” I asked.

“Simple, if we ever get invaded it won’t last long. Not only do we have the ignorance to keep running toward someone after having been shot, if only to maintain a Rambo-like facade, but we also have that ego that says ‘shoot first, and don’t even bother asking questions’. Plus, it’s honestly just the quickest answer off the top of my head. What about you? What gives you piece of mind,” he asked.

“That’s a tough one,” I said. “I guess at the end of the day it would be death.”

My friend, without looking at me, sighed, “Of all the things that cause people both stress and misery, all the things that could have brought you peace of mind like a teddy bear,  beer, or a stripper, and you just had to choose death.”

“It’s honestly an easy thing to wrap your head around once you understand why.”

“Do tell, oh gothic one,” he said.

“Think about this for a second: It is something everyone fears, I get that. The real question to think about is why they fear it in the first place.

“I think it’s because its the one thing no one can escape, bearing in mind supernatural arguments and pushing them aside for the moment. Realistically speaking, it’s set in stone from the day you’re born that you will die,” I said.

“Love that touch of supernatural possibility at the end there, but you are right. You’re starting to sound a little depressing, too, so sprinkle some joy on this mark meat sandwich,” he said.

“Think about it though, knowing and accepting it before it happens gives you the freedom to live how you want to live. You’ll be open to express yourself and live like you’re dying, because you are,” I said. “The sad truth is that most wait until it’s too late and they don’t get the freedom. They get regret and situational loathing, and to me, that’s the depressing part about it.”

“Yeah yeah yeah, wasted life and stuff,” he said, changing the channel. Another commercial had just started.

 “Don’t wait until it’s too late; call life insure-plus today. Life insurance will give your family piece of mind when you’re not here to,” A thin man in a suit said.

 “That’s some eerie stuff man. It’s like the grim reaper knows when you talk about his hobbies,” he said.

I took another sip of coffee.

“Even kinda looks like him.”

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