Taking A Moment To Muse

What does it mean to take a moment and muse? First and foremost, I think it should be stated that it’s all merely a matter of opinion. Considering I’ve spent a lot of time putting a platform together to share my own opinions and you, dear reader, are reading it out of your own free will, or at least I’d like to hope so, I think my opinion is warranted.

This opinion of opinions, my personal opinion, will never change as long as it always shows up on time, credentials present, luggage neatly packed, and circumstantial evidence provided in a neat and orderly fashion. I expect the same from you; heated debates are exhilarating and can lead to endless understanding about the opinions of others, but arguing with a hothead tends to leave one at an exhausted stalemate, frustrated and none-the-wiser.

Let’s cast aside the debate of opinion for a moment and get on with the reason for writing another senseless musing. The first thing I really want to ask is how useless is it?

It’s a fresh opinion of mine that musing may in fact be the most useful thing someone can make good on when trying to conquer their own personal journey.

When first starting something, I think we all have the motivation of someone fresh out of a self-help speech, ready to take on the world. But, like many easy things, motivation seems to fade with the passage of time. What’s left is the sheer willpower, the drive.

It’s my opinion from recent experience that nothing drains motivation faster than showing a heightened wall of ignorance for trying to get ahead. If you’re blinded by the light from the success of others then chances are you’re missing the dim light your own journey brings; it’s the light that can grow if you feed it a bit of your time. It’s not just the light that’s beautiful if given attention. The journey itself is pretty cool, too.

Instead of truly enjoying every second of being able to write for this website, there were many times where it felt like another job, something I was forcing myself to do in order to get something in return.

Now, I already have a day job, but Imagine my surprise when realizing that not only am I not getting funded for my newly self-appointed militant schedule, but I’m starting to hate the process altogether. But why?

I took a moment to muse.

Not a moment to think, God knows I do enough of that already, but taking a moment to myself to reflect on why everything had come down to this. Why had it seemed so damn difficult to do the one thing I had always wanted to do?

For one; believe me I see the irony in this statement, I was explaining more than I was learning. You know, like an asshole or a bloated cow.

Two, I was counting words and not content. Even still, sometimes I think the biggest accomplishment for January of this year was having published over fifty thousand words, but what it’s truly been is gaining the exhaustion to think about what needed to be done for me as a writer: drop the bullshit posts and get on with a good story.

Although good things come well-received in threes, I’m letting these two alone as a couple. I won’t try and conjure anything to wedge where it shouldn’t be. What I will do is muse a little longer, then let you get on with your day.

In my experience, it’s likely that I’m preaching to the choir when writing something about taking a break from time to time. Chances are the workaholics are doing what they do best and not paying any attention in the slightest on how to enjoy what it is they’re doing. That or they’re already enjoying it.

Musing is the reflection; It’s a deep thought into any experience you’ve ever had as well as the lessons that go with it.

Taking a moment or two out of a busy schedule to sit and think about how far you have or haven’t come, where you are and what’s brought you here, and even where you’re going is, at times, more valuable than the work itself.

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