II, Issue #2 A Warehouse of the Mind

As the young men stepped through the portal, Herald in close proximity behind them, they started to feel a true tingling sensation. A rush of anxiety and excitement was flooding them as they traversed throughout the unknown. Without warning, and as quickly as they had stepped into it, the two were dropped a couple of... Continue Reading →

Finding Joy in Your Craft

Writing. It’s a kind of self-expression that traverses time, space, and even death. What takes someone away so suddenly that they feel they must express it using words, especially when the notion seems inexpressible through any means? I can tell you that I feel it isn't so much about telling someone what your imagination has... Continue Reading →

The Brick Wall

Just so you guys know, Daily Prompts are not going anywhere. Musing for a Moment will be a new morning post while the Daily Prompts get a bit of a revamp. Not to worry though, when they come back you'll see your two whimsical character in ways you'd wish you wouldn't have.

Daily Prompt #38: To The Great Beyond

"Hey man, what's this red button for?" We were having a lazy Sunday afternoon when I noticed a box sitting suspiciously on the coffe table of his study. It was iron-studded with brushed metal panels, a pulsating light under a button the size of a bottle cap protruded from it. My friend walked in, peering... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt #37: Ten Points

It was a warm afternoon downtown. A good friend and I were perusing the sidewalk to check out the new classic movie cinema and asking each other where we'd like to wake up tomorrow morning if given the choice.

Daily Prompt #36: Criteria To Win

My friend and I were in charge of filming his twelve-year-old niece's beauty pageant, meaning we were stuck in the gymnasium of her school for the next two hours. Although it was agreeably one of the most boring things we had ever done, it was fun to think of new categories for the judges to score the girls on to pass the time.

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