The Crypto City

Almost a decade ago, most would have looked at any cryptocurrency and thought it a joke. Not having even ten years, cryptocurrencies have become a widespread topic of discussion, and for good reason. Such currency holds anonymity for the buyer, a fluctuating market of its own, and can be even be ‘mined’, a process in which anyone with a computer can generate it.


Now, with Mega Cryptopolis, things are starting to get even more interesting. Cryptopolis is an online game allowing users to buy ‘plots’ of land with a popular form of crypto known as Ethereum (ETH). While owning a plot, users can erect buildings as well as upgrade them. These plots of land, or ‘blocks’, generate small amounts of the coin, essentially mining them. Ambitious users can even buy districts with multiple blocks of land within, profiting from individual block sales as well as making small percentages from each plot’s buildings.

To me, being someone who understands the beginner’s struggle for both mining and understanding the market, Cryptopolis is the game for those who want to try buying and selling crypto for the first times. The two ways of obtaining the currencies and making a profit in the past have been to both mine them and play their respective markets. Now we can game for crypto, too.

Crypto Cryptopolis allows for a simultaneous build within a game, as well as an Ethereum market to buy and sell to and from other players. On top of playing what looks like a very addictive game to begin with, users aren’t just playing for something that’s imaginary anymore. The currency is real, the market is real, and the ability to mine via your presence within the game has simplified the aspect of mining as well.

The biggest thing we can hope for in the future is that more currencies will be introduced with an integrated market allowing trade between them. Until then, Cryptopolis will be the forerunner of piqued interests for the markets and will be known as the game that let’s everyone in on the crypto craze.

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