The Ride

A young man on the north end of town stops at the one and only red light before hitting the south bend. At the end of this bend he'll encounter another light before hitting a major highway. After this he'll be on his way and never look back at his hometown again.

Taking A Moment To Muse

What does it mean to take a moment and muse? First and foremost, I think it should be stated that it's all merely a matter of opinion. Considering I've spent a lot of time putting a platform together to share my own opinions and you, dear reader, are reading it out of your own free will, or at least I'd like to hope so, I think my opinion is warranted.

The Gallows

The young man had started to believe it was no coincidence that the hanging hill was placed directly across town from the Baron's dwelling. The dwelling had been a heightened point of judicial inquiry, or, rather, corporal punishment until proven indistinguishable within your own eyes when given a mirror. This young man watched as the... Continue Reading →

The Brick Wall

Just so you guys know, Daily Prompts are not going anywhere. Musing for a Moment will be a new morning post while the Daily Prompts get a bit of a revamp. Not to worry though, when they come back you'll see your two whimsical character in ways you'd wish you wouldn't have.

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