[Undecided Title]: Prologue

Along the outermost stretch of tainted land, tucked away from the demolished cities, and nestled within the confines of a city merely kissed by the storms of the past lay a small, oval-shaped compartment out in the complex's field. It was the size of a small vehicle and held a dull-amber hue of rust, bearing heavy marks of wear along the top. To the rest of the world, this capsule was just another piece of archaic scrap, but to the young man who lay inside, it had been home for the past two hundred years.

Words Stronger than Wars: Part III

Although unsure at first, Declan sits by the fire aside the man in robes known as Simon, scribe of the White River Kingdom. After telling Declan the story of the sovereign people and the nameless king, He and Simon begin discussing what could be if the ideals were brought back when a White River hessian halts their plotting and sentences them both to death for acts of treason in times of war. What will become of these two men? Find out in the third and final part of Words Stronger than Wars.

Words Stronger than Wars: Part II

Declan, a poet in the midst of waiting winter to come to an end, follows a mysterious orb in the dark of the night outside of his battle camp. Stumbling upon the mouth of a cave in which the orb has entered; he confronts the owner of the orb. The man in robes, Simon Charleston, better known as the scribe of the White River Kingdom, shows Declan respect and invites him in for a meal, explaining that they have much to speak about. Find out what happens next in part 2 of Words Stronger than Wars.

Words Stronger Than Wars, Part 1

This is based off of a short story I had submitted in high school to a fiction short story and poetry contest. Given the limitation of only a thousand words, I didn’t feel as if I could deliver the story in a way that it really deserved. That being said, this will be a three-part story in which two kingdoms at war are awaiting spring for battle, and the ways that two men find solace in confrontation.

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