The Crypto City

Almost a decade ago, most would have looked at any cryptocurrency and thought it a joke. Not having even ten years, cryptocurrencies have become a widespread topic of discussion, and for good reason. Such currency holds anonymity for the buyer, a fluctuating market of its own, and can be even be ‘mined’, a process in... Continue Reading →

Finding Joy in Your Craft

Writing. It’s a kind of self-expression that traverses time, space, and even death. What takes someone away so suddenly that they feel they must express it using words, especially when the notion seems inexpressible through any means? I can tell you that I feel it isn't so much about telling someone what your imagination has... Continue Reading →

The Brick Wall

Just so you guys know, Daily Prompts are not going anywhere. Musing for a Moment will be a new morning post while the Daily Prompts get a bit of a revamp. Not to worry though, when they come back you'll see your two whimsical character in ways you'd wish you wouldn't have.

Whose Line is It?

In this week’s article on writing we’ll discuss a bit about how to deliver certain emotions through your character(s) without using over-the-top tags or too many adverbs.

Despite All My Rage

This week’s article on Motivation and Inspiration will go over Dr. Twerski’s opinion on the subject of anger. This emotion seems to put us all in a stranglehold at times, twisting our realities until we’re left broken and wondering what has happened, but fear not. It can be helped.

Setting: The Foundation

This week we’ll talk a little bit about setting. How do you utilize such a foundation for your story, beckoning your reader’s attention, and how does that create some well-deserved conflict for your characters as well?

10 Truths I Know So Far…

Life is hard, but having a good mantra in the face of resistance can help so much more than you think. They're never something that ring in our minds until the problem is right in front of us. So keep these in mind next time you feel a bit lost. It may help more than you think.

The 7 Basic Archetypes

This week’s post on writing will cover the basic archetypes in the hero’s journey. This skeletal arrangement of characters can be found in almost every story you pick up. Solid foundations for building characters for your own story, they will beckon the question: "Where else have I seen them?"

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