II, Issue #9 The Ward

Both of the young men awoke in a rather odd predicament. Edgar's eyes opened first, scanning the room in one solid motion, feeling the soft of cotton sheets underneath him, and hearing a metal on metal clink. When his head finally turned to the other side, he saw Mick in the adjacent hospital bed, the medical grade blankets to his hips and his torso wrapped in bandages.

II, Issue #2 A Warehouse of the Mind

As the young men stepped through the portal, Herald in close proximity behind them, they started to feel a true tingling sensation. A rush of anxiety and excitement was flooding them as they traversed throughout the unknown. Without warning, and as quickly as they had stepped into it, the two were dropped a couple of... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt #34: Dress To Impress

We were at the steps of a fictional place called Mordecai Manner. A large ensemble of people who had contributed to helping law enforcement, advanced in the field of medicine, and looked out for the overall well-being of others had made up the majority of the invitation list.

Daily Prompt #33: Leap of Faith

The bus was a hollow tin can with thirty or so little monsters running about, yipping and hooping. The driver's expression was as monotone as the whine of the engine. My friend was reading a magazine beside me, oblivious to the gremlins and the smell, god forbid the smell. "Tell me again why I had... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt #32: Turning Profit

Trying to contain his excitement and talk through a smile at the same time was only contorting his face into a manic nightmare for a moment. He composed himself and said, "Last month I finally saved enough money. I got it!"

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