Daily Prompt #37: Ten Points

It was a warm afternoon downtown. A good friend and I were perusing the sidewalk to check out the new classic movie cinema and asking each other where we'd like to wake up tomorrow morning if given the choice.

Daily Prompt #36: Criteria To Win

My friend and I were in charge of filming his twelve-year-old niece's beauty pageant, meaning we were stuck in the gymnasium of her school for the next two hours. Although it was agreeably one of the most boring things we had ever done, it was fun to think of new categories for the judges to score the girls on to pass the time.

Daily Prompt #32: Turning Profit

Trying to contain his excitement and talk through a smile at the same time was only contorting his face into a manic nightmare for a moment. He composed himself and said, "Last month I finally saved enough money. I got it!"

Daily Prompt #29: Lazy Day Pt. II

Previously On Quarterstories . . . A rumbling sound began to shake the building. Tiles from the ceiling began falling. Tables toppled, glass began cracking, and the games in the back began to falter their sounds slowing. A ringing from the jukebox pierced the air when I saw his grandfather run and hop over the... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt #28: Lazy Day

"Of course," I said stepping forward, "Nothing at all foreboding about a creepy little box you found in the attic of your grandfather's old house. Hey, while we're at it, wanna hold some lit firecrackers in our hands? Might be fun," I said sarcastically.

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