II, Issue #11 The Wanderer

Edgar thought it best to assume the worst, given the circumstances with D'mor early on in the day, even if he, D'mor, had been in the military. This was hardly an excuse to treat people like he had treated Edgar. "Best not to worry about it now," he said quietly to himself, and opened the door.

A Killer With A Conscience

He had just finished what could presumably be his first vacation from college life. Seeing his parents must've been something of a treat for him; he was normally never as contempt. It almost seemed as though nothing could ruin his night, but just as fate has a funny way of disturbing peace, the young man started to get a funny itch himself.

II, Issue #10 A Few Good Ones

The room was dark, if you'd call it a room at all. Whatever the doctor, his name had been Joe, had injected into Edgar's neck made him feel as though he had little instinctual awareness. He couldn't tell whether he was in another hospital room or back in the vast warehouse of the infinite, waiting outside Herald's office for the next adventure.

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