Daemon House

1 The three followed the tunnel for what felt like days. Their footfalls thumped, but the echoes produced by the obscenely large tunnels were nothing short of monstrous. Ed held the only flashlight, stopping every hundred yards or so to check on the other two. They were his friends. ‘Friends,’ he thought, ‘No, They're more than... Continue Reading →

A Killer With A Conscience

He had just finished what could presumably be his first vacation from college life. Seeing his parents must've been something of a treat for him; he was normally never as contempt. It almost seemed as though nothing could ruin his night, but just as fate has a funny way of disturbing peace, the young man started to get a funny itch himself.

The Ride

A young man on the north end of town stops at the one and only red light before hitting the south bend. At the end of this bend he'll encounter another light before hitting a major highway. After this he'll be on his way and never look back at his hometown again.

The Gallows

The young man had started to believe it was no coincidence that the hanging hill was placed directly across town from the Baron's dwelling. The dwelling had been a heightened point of judicial inquiry, or, rather, corporal punishment until proven indistinguishable within your own eyes when given a mirror. This young man watched as the... Continue Reading →

Undecided Title: Chapter 3: The Other Artificial Intelligence

After finding out there's more inside the pod than Sam could have imagined, he begins to question what's happened in the past. Although Dr. Isaac is still being cryptic and not telling him much at all, he meets someone who might be able to. Be sure to read while you can, only two chapter will remain up at a time to keep the my fingers typing onward. Find out what happens to the boy in the pod this week on Quarterstories.

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