Confessions of a People Watcher #16: Money

Nothing's funny about money, except for the fact that it rhymes with funny. Every day we deal with money, so why not take a moment to try and find out who's handling who; is it the us handling the money, or is the money handling us?

Confessions of a People Watcher, Issue #15: A Fresh Step

There’s a certain amount of woeful ignorance that's to be expected when people get complacent in this world: our parents (yes mom, this means you), bosses (yes boss, this means you, too), teachers (there are way too many of you assholes to even name), and especially us. This makes it even worse when life throws... Continue Reading →

Daemon House

1 The three followed the tunnel for what felt like days. Their footfalls thumped, but the echoes produced by the obscenely large tunnels were nothing short of monstrous. Ed held the only flashlight, stopping every hundred yards or so to check on the other two. They were his friends. ‘Friends,’ he thought, ‘No, They're more than... Continue Reading →

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