The Crypto City

Almost a decade ago, most would have looked at any cryptocurrency and thought it a joke. Not having even ten years, cryptocurrencies have become a widespread topic of discussion, and for good reason. Such currency holds anonymity for the buyer, a fluctuating market of its own, and can be even be ‘mined’, a process in... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a People Watcher Issue #0

Quarterstories is still under construction, and by this I mean the proprietor is recovering from a mental breakdown. We're getting closer each day, so stay tuned for the upcoming issues of Confessions of a People Watcher, blog entries that take a satirical look through the eyes of someone who not only watches people, but loathes... Continue Reading →

II, Issue #11 The Wanderer

Edgar thought it best to assume the worst, given the circumstances with D'mor early on in the day, even if he, D'mor, had been in the military. This was hardly an excuse to treat people like he had treated Edgar. "Best not to worry about it now," he said quietly to himself, and opened the door.

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