Confessions of a People Watcher, Issue #7: Value People at The Value Mart

“Today, I saw a man with no neck and a woman with no ankles; I think the gap makes itself sometimes.”  -Me talking to myself last week   Avoiding public places altogether isn’t achievable if you want to stay healthy, at least as far as food is concerned. Of course, there are services now that... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a People Watcher Issue #6: Small Experiences & College Blues

A Pickled Smile If you were in a small part of Tennessee, in a particular supermarket, at a particular time last Saturday evening, you may have had the opportunity to watch a young man smile a rather goofy smile at a jar of pickles. I was that young man. The preface to such an oddity... Continue Reading →

A Killer With A Conscience

He had just finished what could presumably be his first vacation from college life. Seeing his parents must've been something of a treat for him; he was normally never as contempt. It almost seemed as though nothing could ruin his night, but just as fate has a funny way of disturbing peace, the young man started to get a funny itch himself.

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