Despite All My Rage

This week’s article on Motivation and Inspiration will go over Dr. Twerski’s opinion on the subject of anger. This emotion seems to put us all in a stranglehold at times, twisting our realities until we’re left broken and wondering what has happened, but fear not. It can be helped.

10 Truths I Know So Far…

Life is hard, but having a good mantra in the face of resistance can help so much more than you think. They're never something that ring in our minds until the problem is right in front of us. So keep these in mind next time you feel a bit lost. It may help more than you think.

Criticism: Destructive vs. Constructive

We all get criticism from time to time, but what criticism should we listen to? This week’s post over destructive and constructive criticism will go over a few ways that you can hone in on the good critiques that render you unstoppable, and toss out the ones that aren’t even worth your time.

Daily Prompt #12: Female Kryptonite

As we sat on a park bench, a friend and I, a beautiful young woman walked by and gave me a glance. I didn't noticed. "Hey man, you had an obvious opening there," he said. I looked up from my newspaper. "Not my type," I said, continuing scrutiny over the newspaper's crossword. "Besides, you'd have to use Kryptonite before seeing my heart thaw for a woman."

Daily Prompt #10: Losing Control

A friend and I were driving the other day when the vehicle began to spiral out of control. "Ever felt like you'd lost control of a situation before," he asked as the car leaped over the bridge's guardrail and hit the water.

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