Confessions of a People Watcher, Issue #11: The Shadows

I sit down at my desk sometimes, not having a clue in the world of what to write about. But, there are times in this world where a story, although maybe not entirely pertaining to the ‘act’ of people watching, finds its way to me from the result of someone’s poor actions that I can only hear of in passing. This, my dear readers, will be the article to shed some light on the actions of such poor moral conduct.

These are the people we can’t watch because we’re too busy being decent people.

I’m sure you’re wondering to yourself, What the hell is rambling about, now? Just as with any narrative, an image must be portrayed, perhaps with paint and sometimes drawn with pencil, but my medium is the written word; it’s something that, in the darkest of times, can manifest the best hope for those who deserve their due diligence. I would hope that most of my readers would agree that family is something that deserves such attention. This is the story of a recent  break-in.

To put this into context, I don’t work Thursdays, but as a consequence, I work every Saturday. The schedule is a bit off putting to some however, I find comfort in its steady rhythm, its effectiveness. It’s the only way I can manage a tight-knit writing schedule, attend college, work full time, run this website, and take on the plethora of other small challenges that come with being a somewhat responsible young adult. The same cannot be said for a mass of other people, but your life is your life; you should be able to live the way you wish, unless it comes in direct opposition to the fruitful lives of others.

Petty theft would be a suitable example.

My brother-in-law, who was gracious enough a little over two years ago to point me in the direction of my current employment that’s produced this website and facilitated my comfortable if sometimes demanding schedule, does work on Thursdays. He works hard, too; I know this because our work environment is a demanding one.

There are small happenings all over the world, petty things if you will, that occur ad nauseum to the extent of ruining an infrastructure that’s taken the good people of this world millions—or thousands, depending on which books you like to read—of years to adapt to and maintain. One such petty event occurred over this past week; it was Thursday; you see. It happened while this same brother-in-law, who happens to be the only monetary backer of this site, was busy being a decent human and doing his job.

Another person, we’ll call him/her a shadow, was busy doing something amounting none too equal. They were busy rummaging through my brother-in-law and elder sister’s home, with their their thought of lack placating their thoughts of their own blessings.

This isn’t a post about politics or religion, but as a young American, I am grateful for the hardships that I’ve endured as well as the blessings that have been set in my deck of cards. An event such as this makes me beg a question:

How uncomfortable, how insecure, of your deck must you be to pull from the deck of another, whether through covet and spite, destruction and theft, or any other means?

Again, without making this sound too much like the post of a religious blow hard, that of which I’m not, I want to reiterate that every being in this life will go through hardship. You, dear reader, me, and all of our loved ones combined, but Ladies and gentleman, good readers, and corrupted individuals especially, if you let yourself become the victim of your circumstance, in protest of being the creator of your future, you will reap the consequence. In layman’s, karma is a bitch, and she’s swift with her strike.

Light may not always shine true on a shadow’s crime. But, those shadows in your life, the ones that have come for material that will only continue to leave them empty, leaving them a pitiful victim that never knows the fulfillment of a job well done or the meticulous care of developing a craft that cannot be stolen from the good people, they will only ever strengthen the stories the good people in this world have to offer; they, though many, will only ever be obstacles that good people will always find a way around.

One of these petty events may happen to you or someone you know and love, but whether the event is petty theft of a small shadow or the result of a shadow whose roots grow deep in the infrastructure of our lives day in and day out, it takes a good person to understand that time will heal all, and fate will have its way with the shadows in our lives, one way or another.


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  1. I’m proud of you. I didn’t know what happened at Jarred and Amelia’s. I do know when someone comes into your home and takes what they want is a violation. You feel betrayed and injured by a selfish person who has no feelings for his fellow man. People like this is why the world is falling into disceneration. In other words going to HELL in a handbasket.

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