Welcome to Quarterstories

Life is not a support system for art; it’s the other way around.  

                                                          -Stephen King

Dear Reader,

           Thanks for checking out Quarterstories! It’s a site that, when stripped to its simplest form, is a writing blog; a place for me to showcase my own writing and, with time and a bit of luck, the writing of others as well.

In a world that seems to be slowly shifting away from books, I believe it’s important to hold onto the act of reading. But, how do you keep the attention of your readers? Well, Quarterstories’s plan is to have as few ads and other frivolities that distract you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this as well as any other stories you’ll read in the future. Feel free to leave your own suggestions as well as comment and follow the site for more stories in the future. Enjoy!





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