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Life is not a support system for art. It’s the other way around.  

                                                          -Stephen King


Dear Reader,

           Thank you for checking out Quarterstories. It’s a site, when stripped to its simplest form, that’s a writing blog; a place for me to showcase my own writing and, with time and a bit of luck, the writing of others in the future.

In a world that seems to be slowly shifting away from books, I believe it’s important to hold onto the act of reading as well as understanding how to remedy it. All too often you’ll find a cheap story, shallow in description, riddled with senseless and flat characters, and who’s narrative is slow and loses its readers’ interest or too fast and loses their imagination. For this reason, Quarterstories will never have advertisements columns to distract you, nor will it ever have email prompts. I think if you’re compelled enough by the contents of another, you’ll be eager to follow naturally. I don’t want to force feed you what I write if you aren’t interested, and, if you are interested, I don’t want to distract you with countless ads (I’m here to tell a story, if it means making money because some find it suitable, great, but if not, the story will still be told).

Lastly, I’m a writer who likes to do things the old-fashioned way. It presents a challenge that’s more satisfying when you get there. I only mention it because of the Quarterstories section of the site. While trying to get published through the means of publishing credits, I’m going to have quite a bit of failure. Those failures may have been rejected in my attempt to get these credits, but they will always have a home on this site for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and any other stories you’ll read in the future. Feel free to leave your own suggestions as well as comment and follow the site for more stories in the future. You can view the stories using the links above. Enjoy!




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