Confessions of a People Watcher, Issue #13: Coincidence & Other Beautiful Oddities

I don’t like to mention half the title in the first sentence, but coincidence is something that rises often in my little world; oddity, on the other hand is something I consider a funny coincidence that was simply destined to be. Well, under these circumstances it falls this way. Why is today such and odd coincidence?

Three reasons. . .

  1. This is the 13th issue of Confessions of a People Watcher. (I hope no one has triskaidekaphobia)
  2. This is also the 100th post on Quarterstories, my little cozy corner of the world (cozening corner for those who believe they’d get to do much other than read on this site).
  3. With everything I have going on in my life, I actually have today, more or less, off. (no work, no schoolwork, and only a single class to attend)

There’s a three-part oddity for you, but what perplexes me the most is how the hell it all came to be. What folds of experiences led to this? Should I bore you with it, no. Can I give the highlights without sounding like a self-absorbed asshole.

I say, “yes.”

Poles say, “it’s too late for that Mick. You’ve said enough for ten assholes already.”

My name isn’t Mick, but I think it’s fun to imagine myself going through a hard time like an old 40s noire style detective would deal with run-ins he has with his captain; ‘Mick’ sounded suitable.

Since its conception, Quarterstories has taken me on a spectacular roller-coaster of creativity as well as  allowed me to explore something I was fearful of even attempting to do in the past: write.

There’s a famous song that summates an idea that I have carried with myself through adolescence and young adulthood by The Pixies that expresses how I feel about my own ‘outness’ in this world. Until its conception I was trying, not only to find my place, but to find my mind, particularly my mindset.

Trying to find a place is tough, and trying to find a place for yourself is even harder. I think we should focus on finding ourselves for a place, personally.

Getting to hear feedback, accepting the criticism and growing from it, and just doing my thing is so liberating, especially now that I’ve narrowed it down to pointing out my own fallacies as well as that of others with various issues of Confessions. It’s fun to be self-critical and see those same flaws in a vast majority of others.

It just goes to show we’re all human; we’re all people. We can love or hate, be loved or be hated, but at the end of the day, past the politics, religions, and all the nay-saying,  we still breath air, we’re all born, and we’re all going to die, like it or not. We have lots in common, but our most minuscule differences are what give it the conflict that makes this like worth living.

Ahhh, sweet sentiment. Anyway, all that being sat aside, I just wanted to use this, not necessarily to rant or vent this week, but to say thank you to those who’ve stuck with me this past year. I think when I first started this website I was so ambitious that I tried something once a week and earlier in 2018 had even moved to ten posts a week having to do with flash fiction, motivation, writing about writing itself, and a piece of a long story once a week. I haven’t lost that ambition, and, if anything, it’s gotten stronger through the down time of not writing when I’m having a few off months. The only thing that keeps slow is time with school and work, but I’m looking into new and interesting ways to make this site something more enjoyable for all.

  • Maybe bringing back the old flash fiction of Into the Infinite
  • Definitely want to double down on the Confessions issues by adding better sections like ‘Asshole of the Week’ or maybe something having to do with stories my readers may have.
  • I know it’s been lacking but honestly having more in-depth social media content like the book giveaways. (I go into social media as enthusiastically as a burger flipper  at a fast food joint, but it’s necessary to spread word.)

Apart from this, I just wanted to really thank you, dear readers, again for all your reading and support this past year. With the coming year, I’ve got high hopes for how these posts will start going as well as which directions chosen to go in way of diversification of the writing on Quarterstories. Who knows, we may even have guest writers soon.

Who knows?

Don’t forget to follow Quarterstories on social media for the monthly book giveaway. This month is IT by Stephen King. Until next time, dear readers.


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